Donise S

I had a reference that I trusted lead me to
I have used every one of their products and found them to be of the highest quality. Relieving the pain of sciatica and diabetic neuropathy is no small feat, yet the 500mg CBD+ CBG Organic Hemp Tincture give me 4-6 hours, free of pain. That is only one modality. I also use the Cocoa Caress is always with me!After an invasive sinus surgery, my face was in pain after the anesthesia wore off. I was given Oxycodone for pain, but massaged my face using 300mg Cocoa Caress instead!

It is a Full Spectrum topical healing salve that works – organically!
Cocoa,mango and Shea butters blended with the lightest coconut oil deliver relief without feeling sticky or greasy. I’ve learned new things about hemp too. I challenge anyone thinking about CBD products to start at the top to avoid dissatisfaction. I cannot say enough great things about this group…

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