Shani A.

I was looking for a solution to the pain and discomfort I was experiencing with a knee injury I had. I have had a great experience using the Full Spectrum Tincture! It has greatly reduced the pain I would experience while stretching or doing any type of exercise. So far I have been taking it everyday for 10 days and am pleased with the effects.


The products work well. Working 14-hour days and I have the CBD Lemon Haze, Blueberry Kush, 500 Tincture & 1000 Full Spectrum Hemp Salve. All the products have been very helpful reducing pain in knees, shoulders and back. I use the CBD to rest. Helps me to have a good night sleep; restful without waking up or tossing a lot. I would highly recommend.


This product was recommended to me by my sister. I just want to start by saying I had no expectations when I started using CBD. This was my first time purchasing any kind of CBD product. Within the first 2 weeks of incorporating CBD into my daily routine, I noticed a sense of balance and composure when I faced stressful situations. It seems to help me focus better as well. I take it sublingually every morning. Truly happy with this product, just purchased my second bottle!

Kaylyn @92Miracles

I LOVE THIS CBD! It makes me forget that I’m using CBD because it smells amazing and feels just like Shea butter. Thank you for a product that does not smell like medicine, but works like magic!

Sarah T

I came across AK Aveksha at a Phree Space event where I was already experiencing endometriosis pain (pelvic cramping and nausea). Adhithyan let me try the 1000 mg full spectrum tincture on the spot and it’s truly the first thing I’ve experienced that took my pain away quickly! Pain pills and anti-inflammatories have had little to no effect and I felt hopeless. Working from the inside the tincture, plus the 300 mg cocoa caress applied topically, have been so helpful when pain crops up unexpectedly. I have found so few things that help my endometriosis but these things really work!!


I was really thankful to find the Cocoa caress products specificaly the 1000mg we have used it on a number of different types of pain and it has been a huge help. My fiance has extreme back pain and develops knots in his back muscles that are really hard to release, this product helped tremendously. For me menstrual pain is a huge issue, topical use on my abdomen helped a Lot! I also use on foot pain. The quality of the product, the fact that it is natural and the lemongrass scent, absolutely worth the price.

Carly G.

Might as well be a full blown dispensary between the topicals, tincture, and full spectrum vapes. My 95 year old grandfather felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF as soon as I rubbed some Cocoa Caress on his back asking what is was as he sometimes forgets but smiling saying back “Good Stuff!” He doesn’t use THC products aside from some canna powders blended to make our own with essential oils, yet these packed the same punch as all 1:1s I’ve used. These products made him happy, not hurting, and hungry, as I use these amazing meds I am reminded how lucky I’m to have access to locally made magic. Truly thank you, the love on your products and passion is life changing!!!🔆🌺🔆🌺❤️❤️❤️


AK cocoa caress is a great product the family uses it for everything it’s especially helpful with migraines thanks AKVeska

Alexis D.

I travel a lot, have a constantly changing schedule and very irregular sleep patterns because of all of that. I build up a lot of physical stress which eventually leads into mental and emotional stress. I’ve used multiple products from Akaveksha and ALL of them have allowed me to find and keep my zen in my hectic lifestyle. I have tried lots of different CBD products from various brands, but this always remains supreme because the secret ingredient is definitely love 🙏🏽 The massage butter is my must have by the way 😘


As a meditation therapy company I was looking for a product that would fit the needs of our clients during their body therapy session and found this product to be absolutely amazing. The results of our clients reduction in pain has been a tremendous. I introduced the product to some seniors citizens who were having issues with knee problems and awaited their results as to how affective this product was. This product reduced 95% of the pain associated with senior citizens issues such as back aches and knee aches. I personally used this product after surgery in an isolated area where pain was excruciating I highly recommend this product. I currently use this product for massage therapy or clients at our 420 meditation therapy center it will continue to promote and use all of Akaveksha products. FYNE TIME LLC.

Philip O

Ak Aveksha is a breath of fresh air in an industry wrought with deceit. Historical traditions, melded with scientific research and quality testing, drive the creation of each product that is offered, and the owner has taken the time to sit with and listen to each customer in order to deliver the highest quality products that aide the body and soul from the teas to the tinctures.

Usha Venk

For sometime now I have been suffering from severe back and shoulder pain and none of the over the counter medications were helping. A friend of mine seeing the pain I was in gave me the Aveksha cocoa caress full spectrum cream to try (she also had a similar condition like mine and had used the cream, which she told me greatly helped relieve her pain). Even though I was skeptical at first I decided to give it a try. To my surprise it worked, was very effective, healed my pain & was Godsend. I thanked my friend for introducing this product to me. I always keep this pain balm handy. Without a moments hesitation I highly recommend this balm/cream to people suffering from similar condition as mine for it’s highly therapeutic value.

Dan B

I have tried several of AK Aveksha’s products, including the cocoa caress topical as well as the CBD + CBG cartridges. The cartridges are clean and potent, they work well to relieve daily headaches that I get. The cocoa caress is a great topical product that works for anything from pain relief to dry skin, and is very effective. Based on the quality products and knowing Adhu personally it is evident that he cares deeply about healing

Brendan D

Wellness is an art with AK. Carefully crafted by a master’s hands, with generations of healing tradition behind the recipes, their products are subtle yet effective. Healing for the mind, body or soul can be found within for those who seek it

Dannie V

I’ve had 7 back surgeries, have several herniation, degeneration and of course it spills over to my hands (I’m a jewelry maker and need my hands) and I’ve tried so many salves. Spent hundreds of dollars on salves and topicals that didnt work until I found Adhu and his cocoa caress. I swear there is no other product out there. I’ve used it on cuts, bruises, sore muscles… it works. Every time. Not only does he have amazing products, he is knowledgable about most conditions and how to treat them – more then just CBD he treats with other herbs, recommends healthy living, is such a great listener, supportive… I cant say enough about not only his products but his contributions to the DC community.


AK Aveksha CBD tinctures worked great and I strongly recommend all their products. The wood casings for the topical look pretty cool with the logo imprinted on the cover.

Emem Obot

If it wasn’t for AK Aveksha pure dedication to helping people, I wouldn’t have such an effective medicine for my pain. I suffer from chronic back pain, and the Coco Caress is my go-to tool for my pain management! It’s also been great for post workouts and cuts my the sore days in half. This a beautiful jar or nature made with a whole lot of love!

A Murthi

I used the cocoa caress full spectrum ointment on my knee after a full ACL reconstruction surgery. Not only does it emit a very pleasing fragrance but the numbing effects are on par with an opioid substitute. I used maybe a tablespoon after 4 weeks of recovery and felt the relief within 15-20 minutes. I would highly recommend this product due to its incredible effectiveness and versatility in treatment options.

Joseph w

Hello I wanna say I love akaveksha products I use the 1000mg full spectrum cocoa caress it helps alleviate my neuropathy pain in my feet and other pains plus I use the 500mg cbd+cbg full spectrum tincture it goes great with the cocoa caress and helps me sleep I would recommend anybody to akaveksha the quality and relationship they have with there clients is amazing

Jake R

I got the CBD tincture and it was incredible. It has a pine and almost minty flavor that mellows and soothes yet leaves you with a feeling of calm focus. I give it to my mother and my pet dog and they both love it. Highly recommend.


The 1000mg cream is my favorite to use for my muscle aches and pains. I make sure I take it wherever I travel to since I’m always active and do not have time for anything to slow me down. This is especially great for working out before or after. This cream makes the healing process much easier and faster. Love this stuff!!

Sydney Young

I have suffered from irritation and inflammation in my face caused by environmental allergic reactions for some time now and they had gotten so bad to the point where I would scratch my face so hard I would leave scars on my face from breaking the skin. AK Aveksha’s Cocoa Caress had the perfect combination of ingredients to sooth irritation, calm inflammation and moisturize my skin to promote the healing of my facial scars. Now whenever I feel that reaction approaching I reach for my cute little wooden and glass jar and nip the problem in the bud. The scars I had are nearly non-existent and with the consistent use of the Cocoa Caress I have yet to make any more! It’s truly an all around healing solvent.


AK’s medicinal selections are extremely diverse for bodily and chemically sensitive persons. I personally love the cocoa caress and I’m so glad to see and FEEL the constant progression of AK’s medicinal products, learnings, and teachings. Thank you for your love.

Cyrus Vaughn

The pain relieve cream is honestly straight magic. It helps a lot when my lower back pain starts to kick in. Iv also let some of fitness clients try it and they were amazed as well. 😁👍🏾

David M

I’ve known the owner and maker for a long time now. Since I’ve met him he’s always been driven, resourceful, honest, and a major influence on my personal health and growth. It’s safe to say his products carry those same characteristics and I’ve personally bought the Cocoa Caress which I use on my moms head for her migraines and they work amazing as a preventive measure. If you are looking for something natural and effective you found the right place!!

Gabe Bronner

After using many cbd products I was extremely pleased to have found Ak Aveksha. The quality is top notch and I stay calm and focused throughout the day. Love the products!


I have personally used most of the products provided by ak aveksha and as an experienced cbd user I can say that they are truly the highest quality CBD products I have ever had the chance to use. Not only is the product good, but the company itself is amazing in every way, they really care about their clients and want to make sure you find the best relief possible rather than just trying to take your money. I could not recommend this company enough, they’re going places.

Michael B.

Rebuilding our house, I find myself mixing concrete by hand routinely. Though I do not normally suffer from pains, the extreme physical exertion taxes all parts of my back. Akaveksha cocoa caress has made the difference in pushing through hard work and delighting in hard work. Applying this creme soothes away the muscle stress I subject myself too and definitely makes life easier. Shoutout to a great person and a awesome natural healing product!!


I love AK Aveksha’s full spectrum CBD tincture varieties. They respond well with my body, and are always high quality! Keep up the good work, AK!


I purchased the 300mg Cocoa Caress balm to help ease chronic neck and shoulder pain and I got so much more than I bargained for! Not only does the balm soothe my tight muscles, I also use it on big bites to help with itching and it works wonders! Such a great purchase. I recently used it while massaging a friend’s aching lower back and he loves it as well! Highly recommend


My product of choice by Akaveksha is the CBD & CBG cartridge(s) to diminish any/all signs of angst. I stay productive throughout the day and sustain balanced energy. ❤️🙏🏽 ☮️ To the Gods, Spirit Guides & Angels that move in & through the Producers of Akaveksha

T Dorsey

My wife and I purchased the 285mg CBD honey as a conscionable supplement, to control our aches and pain. This Ak Aveksha product went beyond our expectations, both in taste and pain reduction. If you’re looking for an effective analgesic with great taste to go along with a meal, treat yourself to the honey. It’s also a great intro for skeptic’s and non believers. We appreciate you and your products my brotha. Look forward to all the other products in the pantry!!!

Jason G

Akaveksha’s customer service is one of a kind. supreme. drastic in tone on my behalf, but true. Rarely have I met a team so invested in both the work and the well being of their clientele. happy to make akaveksha my preffered choice formy CBD needs.


At times, I feel so sleepy at work. I got kapha tea from akaveksha since I am diagnosed as kapha type. Yesterday, i drank kapha tea when i felt sleepy during a meeting. Immediately, i felt rejuvenated and energetic. I couldn’t believe it. It needs to be experienced to believe

Donise S

I had a reference that I trusted lead me to Akaveksha.com.
I have used every one of their products and found them to be of the highest quality. Relieving the pain of sciatica and diabetic neuropathy is no small feat, yet the 500mg CBD+ CBG Organic Hemp Tincture give me 4-6 hours, free of pain. That is only one modality. I also use the Cocoa Caress is always with me!After an invasive sinus surgery, my face was in pain after the anesthesia wore off. I was given Oxycodone for pain, but massaged my face using 300mg Cocoa Caress instead!

It is a Full Spectrum topical healing salve that works – organically!
Cocoa,mango and Shea butters blended with the lightest coconut oil deliver relief without feeling sticky or greasy. I’ve learned new things about hemp too. I challenge anyone thinking about CBD products to start at the top to avoid dissatisfaction. I cannot say enough great things about this group…


My mother had a huge stigma against cannabis. She also suffered from chronic pain. So I showed her the 500 mg balm and rubbed it on her body where it hurt and left the bottle with her. On her own she used it and found great comfort from her aches and pains. Not only do these products work but they change minds and lives.

Sasha Z

The 125mg Cocoa Caress is my go-to for when I experience severe menstrual cramps. Since investing in this product, I have stopped using pain killers such as Tylenol, Advil, and Pamprin. In the morning, I just rub a little on my side where my cramps are, and I can go throughout my day and work without worrying about cramps slowing me down. The relief lasts hours, and I am so grateful for it.