Introducing Prasaadaᵀᴹ by AK Aveksha

A unique topical formulated to serve you quick, efficient, and effective natural localized relief through a synergistic combination of 11 powerful herbs supported by 10,000 + years of Ayurveda.

Grandfather's Test

“My 95-year-old grandfather felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF as soon as I rubbed some Cocoa Caress on his back… Truly thank you, the love for your products and passion is life-changing!”


95% of Pain Reduced

I introduced the product to some seniors citizens who were having issues with knee problems and awaited their results as to how affective this product was. This product reduced 95% of the pain associated with senior citizens issues such as back aches and knee aches. I personally used this product after surgery in an isolated area where pain was excruciating I highly recommend this product.

– Kenny G

A Breath of Fresh Air

Ak Aveksha is a breath of fresh air in an industry wrought with deceit. Historical traditions, melded with scientific research and quality testing, drive the creation of each product that is offered, and the owner has taken the time to sit with and listen to each customer in order to deliver the highest quality products that aide the body and soul from the teas to the tinctures.

– Philip O.

Wellness is an Art

Wellness is an art with AK. Carefully crafted by a master’s hands, with generations of healing tradition behind the recipes, their products are subtle yet effective. Healing for the mind, body or soul can be found within for those who seek it.”

– Brendan D.

Back Pain

Rebuilding our house, I find myself mixing concrete by hand routinely. Though I do not normally suffer from pains, the extreme physical exertion taxes all parts of my back. Akaveksha cocoa caress has made the difference in pushing through hard work and delighting in hard work. Applying this creme soothes away the muscle stress I subject myself too and definitely makes life easier. Shoutout to a great person and a awesome natural healing product!!

– Michael B.

Customer Service

Akaveksha’s customer service is one of a kind. supreme. drastic in tone on my behalf, but true. Rarely have I met a team so invested in both the work and the well being of their clientele.

– Jason G.

Worth It

My fiance has extreme back pain and develops knots in his back muscles that are really hard to release, this product helped tremendously. For me menstrual pain is a huge issue, topical use on my abdomen helped a Lot! I also use on foot pain. The quality of the product, the fact that it is natural and the lemongrass scent, absolutely worth the price.

– Sophia W.


All progress in life starts with awareness. It is the key and prerequisite to knowledge, growth, and change. It is a powerful tool that must be intentionally nurtured, or else it will seemingly work actively against you.

Our first priority is to provide education, then tools and resources. Our qualified staff of Clinicians are here to support and answer any questions you have in your journey. If we are not able to help, we will refer you to a trusted professional who may be able to assist further.

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Adhithyan and Julian at the Cannabis Science Conference East, 2022


Over 50 Million adults in the US reported suffering from some sort of chronic pain in 2019. Topicals are becoming an increasingly popular solution for localized pains as they often offer better speed, focus, and potency when compared to ingested solutions.

Our topicals are made in small batches using high-quality organic therapeutic-grade ingredients, formulated in alignment with ancient Ayurvedic herbal protocols. Apply directly, and enjoy as needed. Our clients report effective localized pain relief within minutes of application.


Simple, natural, and wholesome. Our tinctures are made with the most vibrant herbs and infused into smooth coconut MCT oil.

These can be used sublingually, in food and drink, or even topically. Check out our Youtube for recipes and inspiration.

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