Introducing Prasaadaᵀᴹ by AK Aveksha

This Divine Healing Grace Topical is formulated to serve you quick, efficient, and effective natural localized relief through a synergistic combination of 11 powerful herbs supported by 7,000 + years of Ayurveda.

Wholeness to Wholeness

Our Mission is to Revive Ancient Healing Traditions by providing wholesome, high-quality, natural pain-soothing products and integrative wellness services rooted in over 10,000 years of indigenous Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicine.

Founding Values:

1. Be Radically Patient Forward.

2. Nourish the Self.

3. Serve Wholeness and Excellence.

Unity and Dynamism

Our executive team and medical board are committed to consistently serving you a higher standard of care.

Each member brings unique experience, skills, and leadership to AK Aveksha. Our executive team is responsible for formulation, design, manufacturing, marketing, branding, business development, client services, order fulfillment, and more.

Our medical board is a highly qualified council of integrative health experts representing various fields including dentistry, neurokinetic restoration, pharmacology, Ayurveda, and chronic and aging pain relief. They verify and validate our offerings, while also guiding us through compliance, research, and clinical protocols.

Learn more about each member of our team, and how they are making healthy living more accessible.

Four Fundamentals

Quality ingredients, small batch production, and third-party lab testing are fundamental to our process. We believe that making anything is just like cooking. What you put in is what is received by the end consumer. It starts with the right mentality, within the right mathematics.

The fourth fundamental? Love. From the formulation to the packaging, every AK product is made with immense love, care, and wholesome intention.

We are honored to serve you!

Do These Products Really Work?

Since 2017 we have consistently and successfully served hundreds of clients suffering from a variety of moderate to severe chronic, aging, and athletic pains. Please take some time to read about their experiences, to see if these products might be a good fit for you.

All reviews are unaltered and shown as posted. Please add your input after trying our products, we greatly appreciate the feedback.

Happy Healing!

“My 95-year-old grandfather felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF as soon as I rubbed some Cocoa Caress on his back… Truly thank you, the love for your products and passion is life-changing!”


“I LOVE THIS CBD! It makes me forget that I’m using CBD because it smells amazing and feels just like Shea butter. Thank you for a product that does not smell like medicine, but works like magic!”


“I’ve used multiple products from AK Aveksha and ALL of them have allowed me to find and keep my zen in my hectic lifestyle. I have tried lots of different CBD products from various brands, but this always remains supreme because the secret ingredient is definitely loved!”


“This was my first time purchasing any kind of CBD product. Within the first 2 weeks of incorporating CBD into my daily routine, I noticed a sense of balance and composure when I faced stressful situations. It seems to help me focus better as well.”


Awareness First

All progress in life starts with awareness. It is the key and prerequisite to knowledge, growth, and change. It is a powerful tool that must be intentionally nurtured, or else it will seemingly work actively against you.

Our first priority is to provide education, then tools and resources. Our qualified staff of Clinicians are here to support and answer any questions you have in your journey. If we are not able to help, we will refer you to a trusted professional who may be able to assist further.

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Adhithyan and Julian at the Cannabis Science Conference East, 2022


Over 50 Million adults in the US reported suffering from some sort of chronic pain in 2019. Topicals are becoming an increasingly popular solution for localized pains as they often offer better speed, focus, and potency when compared to ingested solutions.

Our topicals are made in small batches using high-quality organic therapeutic-grade ingredients, formulated in alignment with ancient Ayurvedic herbal protocols. Apply directly, and enjoy as needed. Our clients report effective localized pain relief within minutes of application.


Simple, natural, and wholesome. Our tinctures are made with the most vibrant herbs and infused into smooth coconut MCT oil.

These can be used sublingually, in food and drink, or even topically. Check out our Youtube for recipes and inspiration.


How to Take CBD for Pain

We hear about people using CBD and cannabis products for pain relief constantly, but how? Let’s explore the most popular options.

Full Spectrum Vs CBD Isolate

While shopping for a high-quality CBD product, something worthy to look for is products that contain Full Spectrum CBD.

What are Cannabinoids?

These active compounds come with a multitude of health benefits and can be used to alleviate various symptoms and issues.