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Namaskaram and Welcome to AK Aveksha!

Our Mission is to Revive Ancient Healing Traditions by providing wholesome, high-quality, natural pain-soothing products and integrative wellness services rooted in over 10,000 years of indigenous Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicine.

Our Foundational Values:

1. Be Radically Patient Forward

2. Nourish the Self

3. Serve Wholeness and Excellence

Our newest topical pain reliever Prasaada contains a powerful combination of eleven healing herbs that work synergistically to target localized pains. In addition, Prasaada is packaged in our custom Dexterity Forward Cube (DFC) containers designed and handmade in Bali, Indonesia, to be easier to grip and open for those with mobility and dexterity limitations.

Our Name

Aveksha is a Samskrita word for “care and consideration”. The AK stands for Aalayam Karunaalayam – “the Supreme Abode of Compassion”. The earliest contexts for this phrase are accredited to the great sage and scholar Adi Shankaracharya in the early 8th century. This brilliant individual embarked on a journey to elevate consciousness, institute widely accessible technologies for self-development, and create lasting structures of harmony that still operate vibrantly today! 

In our small part, we are continuing forward on this immense journey to establish compassionate existence in all places. It starts with the self, and with love.

Sri shankaracharya

Our Methods

Ayurveda – One of the world’s oldest and most comprehensive medicinal systems. Rooted in concepts of Yoga and Consciousness, Ayurvedic documents compiled as far back as 3,000 BCE contain detailed accounts, procedures, and research on various aspects of the health sciences and herbal medicine. Ayurveda is best known for its origins in the Indian subcontinent, but is now widely practiced throughout the world!

Fun Fact – Maharishi Sushruta is considered to be the Father of Modern Surgery, as he thoroughly documented ancient ways of surgery, cosmetic alterations, and aspects of anatomy still being discovered today.

Siddha – THE oldest system of medicine in the world that is still practiced today. The Siddha system originated in the mountains and forests of Tamil Nadu, India, where its practitioners (Siddhas) are famous for seemingly mystical healing powers. In truth, there is little to no mysticism here, just science and technologies for self-improvement. The human potential is incredible, and our Siddhas as a unique testament to the capabilities we all hold within us. Siddhas are also one of the oldest groups to cultivate and utilize Cannabis as a medicine. From the great river of their divine works, a small stream has trickled into AK Aveksha.

Fun Fact – Siddha tradition is mainly passed down orally from one generation to the next. We are Blessed to live in the Grace of an Ancient lineage of Gurus who have carried forward this knowledge through harsh colonial persecution, so that it may benefit all the descendants of this world.

“If it wasn’t for AK Aveksha’s pure dedication to helping people, I wouldn’t have such an effective medicine for my pain.”


Our Story

Our mission began in 2016 to help those around us find safe and natural pain relief alternatives to opioids, steroids, and NSAIDs. At the time, our founder was a full-time student at American University, taking 19 credit semesters and working two part-time jobs while formulating products from herbs grown at home in Washington, DC.

By 2017 we had trialed various topical and ingestible formulas with hundreds of people suffering from chronic pain, which led us to officially launch AK Aveksha. From 2018 – 2022 our founder pursued his MS in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine to gain a better foundational understanding of product formulations and herbal medicine.

In 2022 we were accepted into the American University Incubator, upgraded our manufacturing lab, spoke at several industry science conferences, onboarded an executive team, established a medical board, and conducted focus groups for Prasaada™ – our new topical pain reliever. This product is the result of four years of research, trials, and customer feedback. It is packaged in our custom Dexterity Forward Cube (DFC)™ Containers hand made with love in Bali, Indonesia.


Adhithyan, Dr. Dawn, and Julian

How Our Containers are Made

Emem's Experience with AK Aveksha

A deep honest look into Emem’s Healing Journey with AK Aveksha. We appreciate her courage and willingness to share!

Huge shoutout to Emem for supporting and beleiving in us since day one =)

Vegan Hemp/CBD Infused Pancakes

Sneak Peek at Prasaada - Our New Topical

James Tries Prasaada for the First Time on Broken Pinky

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