Special pricing & Discounts

Special Pricing

AK Aveksha offers special pricing to senior citizens (65+), military service members (active duty and veterans), and economically disadvantaged groups (those who need our products but are otherwise unable to afford them). Members of our community in these three groups are eligible to receive 25% off every order at www.akaveksha.com.

To enroll in our special pricing program, email us at info@akaveksha.com with the subject line “Special Pricing”.



In addition to our seasonal sales, AK Aveksha offers the following discounts to all customers:

1. 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER – Join our email list and receive 10% off your first online order. Simply subscribe via the pop-up that appears when you enter our website or at the bottom of any page.

2. 25% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER – *FOR RETURNING CUSTOMERS ONLY* Write us a product review or testimonial to receive 25% off your next order. Once you have submitted your feedback, email us your name and the subject line “Product Review”.

3. $50 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER – *FOR RETURNING CUSTOMERS ONLY* Make and share a short video of your experience with any of our products. The video must be at least one minute in length and should include the product being mentioned, its name, and our brand. This video should be sent to us and posted to your social media with the tag @akaveksha #akaveksha (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).