Banister Athletics is more than just a fitness company. We take a top-down approach to wellness incorporating the mind, body and spirit into everything we do. Our focus is on helping clients reach their desired goals without compromising our quality of life for first world excuses. Our foundations are rooted in sports like basketball, soccer and tennis so we like to be functional, strong and execute.

Let’s get this physical and metaphysical cash! #GetBanz


Natural Elevation LLC is dedicated to providing healthy cannabis alternatives within an industry saturated with sweets. All of our products are 100% organic, locally sourced, and specifically curated to ELEVATE each consumer both mentally and physically. We care about what we put in our products!! #GetELEVATEDNow


The Cannabinoid Specialists of Maryland establish the scientific standard for medical cannabis recommendations and create a digital platform that supports the patients, providers, and dispensaries within the Maryland medical cannabis community.

We are proud to have them as Partners in our mission to increase education and access in cannabis and integrative medicine. 

Green Dentistry

Green Dentistry

At Green Dentistry our mission is to practice comprehensive and holistic dentistry that is eco-friendly, promotes positive culture, and uplifts the patient through the window of oral health.

P.S. These are the ONLY Dentists we know that offer natural methods and herbal modalities in their practice. AK Aveksha strongly encourages you to consider Green Dentistry for all your oral health needs.