Help Us Get to Portland!

We have been invited to present our research on “What Happens When You Smoke Cannabis – An Integrative Approach Rooted in Ayurveda, Dentistry, and Clinical Experience” at The Cannabis Science Conference West in Portland, Oregon! We need your help to get our team there. 

The Context

In September 2022, our Founder, Adhithyan, presented his research on “The Wholesome Use of Cannabis as Understood in Ayurveda” at The Cannabis Science Conference East in Baltimore, MD. This discussion covered the classification of Cannabis as a Dravya (substance) and the most Wholesome ways to employ Cannabis in today’s context.

This presentation was well received, encouraging us to submit another abstract to participate as speakers at the CSC West in Portland, OR from April 20th to 21st. This time, our Provider Advocate, Dr. Kristen Millender (Co-Founder of the Green Dentistry Integrative Dental Clinic), will join Adhithyan at the podium, supported by our Chief of Business Development, Julian Banister, Our Creative Director and COV La Kia Gooch, and her support staff Danielle Timmons.

In April, we will discuss “What Happens When You Smoke Cannabis – An Integrative Understanding Rooted in Ayurveda, Dentistry, and Clinical Experience.”

This research is vital for patients, practitioners, researchers, and anyone who uses Cannabis. We will be covering the impact of Cannabis smoke on the oral microbiome, how it interacts with our Consciousness, and some practical and wholesome ways users can mitigate the risks associated with smoking.


What We Need

 Our current fundraising goal is $7,500 to cover travel, hotel, and food expenses. Any funds raised in excess of our needs will be distributed to charitable causes. We are committed to transparency and will be providing a detailed documentation of our experiences to all contributors. 

We have always been radically patient forward, and we need your support to help us accomplish our goals. Our impact is growing rapidly, and we cannot do this without YOU!


Fundraising Packages

As a part of our commitment to serving Wholeness and Excellence, our team is proud to present – The Prasaada Herbadex V1!

This booklet (available in print and digital) contains vital information on the origins, history, and application of each ingredient in Prasaada. Each page also contains beautiful images of each herb and a location they are native to, curated by our Creative Director La Kia A. Gooch.

Every contribution is appreciated, and we want everyone to be able to participate. To make this fundraiser more inclusive, we have included an option to contribute $1 to receive a digital copy of any single-ingredient flashcard. So, you can precisely select what you want to learn about from Cocoa Butter to Evening Primrose.


$1 – Single Ingredient Flashcard (You Pick)

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Prasaadaᵀᴹ container

Last Year at The CSC East in Baltimore, MD

Adhithyan presented on the “Wholesome Use of Cannabis in Ayurveda”, providing foundational values to patients, providers, researchers, and industry thought leaders. 

This was a huge step forward in patient advocacy and course correction for an industry that can be heavily exploitative to the most vulnerable members of our population. 

The increasing receptivity and recognition of Ayurveda in these spaces shows promise for a radical and essential realignment of values within this industry. 


Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

This year, our team is robust and ready to take on the challenge of serving education and excellence in the front of oral health, and how it relates to Cannabis smoking specifically. 

Our presentation is focused on the impacts of Cannabis smoking in the physiology, how it interacts with our Consciousness, and wholesome ways to mitigate risks and impacts that smokers face. 


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